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Mikrotik - EoIP Tunnel Configuration (Transparent Bridge)

An EoIP interface should be configured on two routers that have the possibility for an IP level connection. The EoIP tunnel may run over an IPIP tunnel, a PPTP 128bit encrypted tunnel, a PPPoE connection, or any connection that transports IP.
Each EoIP tunnel interface can connect with one remote router which has a corresponding interface configured with the same 'Tunnel ID'.
  • The EoIP interface appears as an Ethernet interface under the interface list.
  • This interface supports all features of an Ethernet interface. IP addresses and other tunnels may be run over the interface.
  • The EoIP protocol encapsulates Ethernet frames in GRE (IP protocol number 47) packets (just like PPTP) and sends them to the remote side of the EoIP tunnel.
  • Maximal count of EoIP tunnels is 65536.
####Server Side####
/interface eoip add remote-address= tunnel-id=100 name=
/interface pppoe-server server add authentication=pap,chap disabled=no interface= one-session-per-host=yes service-name=service2

####2nd Branch####
/interface eoip add remote-address= tunnel-id=100 name=Main-Branch
/interface bridge
add name=access
/interface bridge port
add bridge=access interface=ether2
add bridge=access interface=ether3
add bridge=access interface=ether4
add bridge=access interface=ether5
add bridge=access interface=Main-Branch
/ip address
add address= interface=ether1 network=
add address= interface=access network=
Result For Example Server_Side

Result For Example Other_Side


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