Hello, sorry for my bad english. My native language is spanis. I build quick fix for this problem.

1.Some demons and services are loaded in the beggining in /etc/rcN.d/ for example, some services located in /etc/rc2.d/, including freeradius.

2. Other programs in ubuntu 12.04 LTS is executed with /lib/init/upstart-job script , this script load the script ejecution located in /etc/init/, implemented y loaded at the end, including the mysql.

3. When activated Freeradius with mysql, freeradius search mysql, but mysql services is not ready, and freeradius fail.

For fix this bug in ubuntu 12.04 please have the following steps (with root user):

1. Desactivate freeradius loaded in /etc/rcN.d with command: update-rc.d freeradius disable
2. rename script ejecution in /etc/init.d/ with name is freeradius with name freeradiusbck for example with command: mv freeradius freeradiusbck
3. move to /etc/init/ and create script with name freeradius.conf with content

# freeradius - server
description "Radius server Fixed"
author "Moises Gomez Diaz <halcons@gmail.com>"

start on filesystem or runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [!2345]


exec /etc/init.d/freeradiusbck start

4. Create symbolic link in /etc/init.d/ to script created in step 3, (located in /etc/init.d/ write command ln -s /lib/init/upstart-job freeradius)
5. restart your server with shutdown -r now
6. Enjoy!