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Enterasys - Password Recovery DFE

How To Reset the Admin Password on the DFE Products

Products Matrix N-Series DFE Goals Reset password to factory default Password recovery Symptoms Lost password Forgot password Cause If the admin password is lost or forgotten, then the only way to create, edit or delete user accounts on the DFE products is to reset it back to its default value. Solution To reset the admin password:
  1. Pull all of the blades from the backplane.
  2. Using anti-static precautions, select one of the blades and toggle switch 8 on its dip switch bank. If you cannot locate the dip switch bank, consult the Installation Guide for your specific blade model.
  3. Reinsert it into the chassis, and allow it to fully boot. This blade will become the Management Master switch for the system, with the passwords initialized to their defaults.
  4. At any time thereafter, reinsert the other blades into the chassis.
It is not possible to reset the rw or ro passwords by external means. Recover the admin password and then administer the other passwords as desired. See 5296, for how to clear to default configurations. See 5210 for the default login process.

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