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Linux - instalação do PowerDNS em Ubuntu

--- update 2016-04-21

--- install poweradmin

--- powerdns admin outra interface grafica - avaliar pois é mais recente

---- atualizado mas tosco não visualiza direto as zonas ptr

--- rascunho, artigos incompletos
(esta fatando campo na tabela records)

--- menos completo--
(esta fatando campo na tabela records)

--- avaliar powerdns
--- frontends

--- instalacao poweradmin (atualiza link download poweradmin)

---- dynamic updates no powerdns    <-- 4="" br="" para="" versao="">   <-bem br="" explicado="">
 --- este é meio confuso

--- erro  - problemas nas tabelas nao criadas:
---verificar se todas as tabelas foram criadas....atualizar doc.  

CREATE TABLE domainmetadata (
  id                    INT AUTO_INCREMENT,
  domain_id             INT NOT NULL,
  kind                  VARCHAR(32),
  content               TEXT,
) Engine=InnoDB;

CREATE INDEX domainmetadata_idx ON domainmetadata (domain_id, kind);

CREATE TABLE cryptokeys (
  id                    INT AUTO_INCREMENT,
  domain_id             INT NOT NULL,
  flags                 INT NOT NULL,
  active                BOOL,
  content               TEXT,
) Engine=InnoDB;

CREATE INDEX domainidindex ON cryptokeys(domain_id);

CREATE TABLE tsigkeys (
  id                    INT AUTO_INCREMENT,
  name                  VARCHAR(255),
  algorithm             VARCHAR(50),
  secret                VARCHAR(255),
) Engine=InnoDB;

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX namealgoindex ON tsigkeys(name, algorithm);

insert into tsigkeys (name, algorithm, secret) values ('ddns-wifi', 'hmac-md5', 'N1O8J86aAfF35HmZn18/z1AlvYItxUPTddCq98Dz6miRU8ZsE207J4Dpz9BTprCCoNLCWF3HUUj4It5ROxP2Dg==');

select id from domains where name='wifi.lan';
insert into domainmetadata (domain_id, kind, content) values (5, 'TSIG-ALLOW-DNSUPDATE', 'ddns-wifi');

select id from domains where name='';
insert into domainmetadata (domain_id, kind, content) values (6, 'TSIG-ALLOW-DNSUPDATE', 'ddns-wifi');

 sql> select id from domains where name='';
sql> insert into domainmetadata(domain_id, kind, content) values(1, ‘SOA-EDIT-DNSUPDATE’,’INCREASE’);
 Unknown column '‘SOA' in 'field list'


esse deve funcionar: (nao entendi esse tal de django rsrsr)

--- tem log

--- utils

--- bom debug com select na base e debug nsupdate

--- issue falha na resposta do tsig key depois do update ok.

--- recusive  (desatualizado)

It is recommended to not make your recursive DNS server an authoritative server;  best practice is  use separate DNS servers,     and  only allow  specific IP ranges to make queries against recursive servers.

To combine both recursive functions and authoritative on the same server,

You need to setup pdns-recursor to listen on an alternative port  (Not port 53)
For example, in your powerdns recursor configuration


Specify a port number as part of a listening address line,  e.g.

So PowerDNS recursor will be listening on an alternate port, instead of port 53.

The authoritative DNS server will be configured to  forward any recursive queries that it receives to the alternate port.

Start powerdns recursor, and use the "netstat -an"  command:  in order to verify  that powerdns recursor is listening on the alternate port.

And; configure pdns-authoritative  with recursion.

For example, if   you have  a recursive DNS server listening on port 5300, then
your /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf   authoritative configuration could contain


# allow-recursion       List of subnets that are allowed to make recursive queries

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