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Mikrotik - Configuração inicial de um hotspot

How To Configure Hotspot Server in MikroTik

Hotspot is a way to provide internet access to subscribers by means of an easy to use web login interface.  This gives the owner of the hotspot full control over download limitations, speed/bandwidth management,  billing without tension to configure each client machine.  Service of the hotspot can be access just entering the credentials in any type of browser without making any dialup connection.  Personally, I like hotspot very much it is very helpful in Wireless scenarios.  Today I will configure Hotspot for my wireless clients so, Lets start:
1. Log in to the freshly installed router.  Please ensure there is no previous configuration is held with your routerOS as these configuration may conflict with new one.
2. First of all we will configure Internet connection.  You should have internet by means of DSL Router/Modem or something like that.  If you have DHCP service enabled in your router/modem so we have to setup DHCP client option in our MikroTik routerOS.

3. Next Step is to ensure that your MikroTik can hand out DNS requests to clients  which obtained from the DHCP server. So check on allow remote requests.

4. Lets check and make sure your MikroTik has internet connectivity by sending a ping command to Google's Server. (

5. As you know I am configuring the hotspot for my Wireless users so, I need to start configuring the wireless interface to give connections to the clients.  First of all I will assign a new IP address to the interface. (If you are configuring on wired media so just follow the same instruction on your eth2 interface).  Choose whatever IP scheme as you want but must be different from internet DHCP server.

6. After assigning the IP to client end interface (Wlan) we have to configure this interface to accept wireless connections.  Click on the Interface button at the top right and then proceed with double click on your wlan interface.

7. When the setting window appears, click on the Wireless tab at the top and set the Mode to 'AP_Bridge', This will configure the wireless card as an Access Point for clients to connect to.  Set the Band to 2GHz-B/G which is most common band where wireless devices operates.  SSID is the name of your wireless network and can be set to whatever you want.  In the last click Apply button and then proceed with clicking 'Enable' button to turn the interface on.

8.  Now interfaces settings completed.  Time comes to configure Hotspot setup, lets start Click on IP then Hotspot and choose Hotspot Setup as showing in picture below.

9. Choose the Interface where hotspot server will run on, mine is wireless so I am selecting the same then click next.

10. Upcoming window will allow you to choose the local address range of your hotspot.  This will be based on the IP address that we have already assigned to our wireless card.  Masquerade Network option must be checked to provide the internet to the clients.

11. Here in this option we will choose the IP address Pool (Range) for our hotspot network based on wireless interface IP address assigned earlier.

12. Just click next as we are not using any SSL/HTTPS certificate here. If you have then upload here.

13. We are not configuring the SMTP server just leave as it is click on next.

14. This window will allow you to specify DNS servers that will be given to the hotspot users/clients.  This is automatically based on the information received from the internet DHCP server.

15. The DNS name is the name of your network where your client will be re-directed when they want to login.  It would be react just like website which will ask from the users for their Login ID/Password.  It must be unique from any web/dns address on the internet. I am using shery.net

16. Last option will ask to set up the username and password for first hotspot user for client use.

17. Congratulations, the setup is now complete.  You can make users according to your need. Same like this you have to configure the user profiles first according to speed limits either you are giving 1mb or 2mb.  It can be easily done in user profiles.
I am sharing the link of video related to Hotspot Server made by Adeel in urdu.
If you want CLI based script then please visit the Sir Jahanzaib's Blog

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