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AMD Ryzen-Powered Raspberry Pi Rival Uses Radeon Vega Graphics

(Image credit: Axiomtek)
Axiomtek announced a new embedded single-board computer (SBC) this month known as the CAPA13R. With its compact form factor, the board is fit to compete against the Raspberry Pi and does so with a key secret weapon: an AMD Ryzen APU.
With an embedded AMD Ryzen V1807B or Ryzen V1605B APU, the CAPA13R offers integrated graphics, making it ideal for more graphically intense applications, like 3D rendering and video recording. With the Ryzen V1807B, makers are getting access to AMD's Radeon Vega 11 graphics, while the Ryzen V1605B comes with the lesser Radeon Vega 8 graphics.
The Ryzen APUs also give the CAPA13R support for up to 16GB of RAM using one DDR4 SO-DIMM.
The CAPA13R SBC measures 3.5 inches across, which is comparable to the form factor of the Raspberry Pi. It has Ethernet support by default, but you can upgrade the device to support wireless connectivity with the right adapter.
(Image credit: Axiomtek)
The CAPA13R has two  M.2 slots: one M.2 Key E and one M.2 Key B. You can use the E slot for a wireless module, while the B slot is reserved for storage cards.
The CAPA13R has a few options when it comes to display output as well, with two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort and one LVDS interface. The unit requires a 12V power supply. For more spec information, check out this data sheet [PDF] from Axiomtek.
You can order the CAPA13R from the Axiomtek website now for an undisclosed price.

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