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Sonicwall - How to get the configurations of the firewall based on the exporting exp file

The settings (.exp) file of the firewall appliance which you export is encoded.  To decode it to a readable text file, you can issue the command below under the Terminal application in any standard Linux:

base64 -d -i sonicwall-TZ_400-6_2_3_0-10n.exp | sed 's/&/n/g' > config.txt

Note: The content may be not quite user friendly but useful if you know the parameter names you are looking for.


links: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sonicreader/files/Binaries/

  1. Export the settings from System > Settings
  2. Open the file in notepad++ remove the two &’s at the end of the file.
  3. Save and Close.
  4. Open CMD as administrator and navigate to the location of the file.
  5. Run certutil -decode originalFile.exp decodedFile.txt changing out the file names with the appropriate ones.
  6. You should see a message “decode command completed successfully” printed to CMD.
  7. Open decoded file in Notepad++
  8. Cntrl + F to open Find and replace
  9. Set mode to extended in the bottom left
  10. Replace All “&” with “\n”

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