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Mikrotik - liberando acesso Winbox via internet

By default, Mikrotik will not allow a connection from WinBox over the WAN.  Here is how you change that.

From WinBox:
  1. Click on IP, then Firewall, then Filter Rules.
  2. Click the + to add a new rule.
  3. Change Chain to input.
  4. Change Protocol to tcp.
  5. Change Dst. Port to 8291.
  6. Click on the Action tab and make sure Action is set to accept.
  7. Click Comment and name it something like “winbox”.
  8. Click OK.
  10. Your new Filter Rule will be at the bottom of the list.  Drag it up above the last “drop” rule from the default configuration.
  11. Filter Rules are matched in order. They start at the top and work through each one.  If your new rule is AFTER the “drop” rule, it will not work.

---- via cli

create an Input rule to allow Port 8291 from the internet.

/ip firewall filter add action=accept chain=input disabled=no dst-port=8291 protocol=tcp

be sure to place it above any rules dropping Input.

I would also consider specifying which hosts can connect rather than leaving it wide open.

fonte: http://networkingforintegrators.com/2012/08/accessing-a-mikrotik-router-through-winbox-over-the-internet/

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