quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2016

DNS - Existe algum com filtro de conteudo?

Norton ConnectSafe DNS no longer for business use. Alternatives?

You now have to check this box before getting started:  "I certify I am using Norton ConnectSafe for personal/home use and agree to the Norton ConnectSafe Terms of Service".  See for yourself: https://dns.norton.com/
For me, it was the perfect solution for an additional malware filter on top firewall \ AV malware \ phishing filtering.  I really hope they come up with a business version unless they have one that I don't know about?
Comodo http://securedns.dnsbycomodo.com/ - Similar to OpenDNS but I found it to be unreliable.
OpenDNS https://www.opendns.com/ - Free version is only for home use and I don't believe it has malware protection. Paid version starts at $35\user\yr.  Paid version is good but annoying to configure at remote sites with dynamic DNS.
DynDNS Internet Guide http://dyn.com/labs/dyn-internet-guide/ - Tried it a few years ago and it wasn't as fast as the others. Also, support couldn't solve my issue of content filtering settings not going into affect.  They outsource it to barracuda.  Might be worth another try now though.

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