quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2015

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 - manutenção da base de dados?

Rascunho dos problemas:

# NCS stop
# NCS cleanup
# NCS start
# NCS stop
# NCS DB reinitdb
# NCS start
O problema é que depois do DB ReinitDB você não pode mais acessar o prime via browser.
# ncs db reinit
-All data will be lost. Do you wish to continue? (y/n)
-Creating a new, empty database. This may take 10 to 20 minutes
-Database re-initialization completed
nem tentando usar o comando:
# ncs password root password your-password-here
Loading USER - root
                Unknown user.
Exception in Result
Error Occured ::EXECUTION FAILED. Details:
                Unknown user.
ERROR: Web interface 'root' password reset failed, Please check the server log file, exiting

# ncs webroot status
Web interface root account status :
# ncs webroot enable
ERROR : Unable to enable root account (db update error)
ou seja só serve para restaurar um backup com  a base de dados limpa:
# restore filename repository repositoryName

Database backup and restore related information can be obtained from the below logs:

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