When you import a CAD file, you might not be able to see anything else than a small portion of the map, or the map could be a size of a stamp.

Fortunately, this is super easy to fix this. What you need to do is to change the zoom level in the CAD file. One of the tools we use at Ekahau Technical Support is a free tool called DraftSight. This guide is done with version 2016 and you can get your copy from: '


Adjusting the zoom level can be easily done by simply scrolling in or out with your mouse wheel or by using the zoom tool on the tool bar. Finally, you may need to center the map by panning with the mouse 3rd button or with the Dynamic Pan tool on the toolbar.

After this, remember to save the file so that you can open the CAD file with the correct zoom level in Ekahau Site Survey where you now should see the optimized image.