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Windows - bginfo em powershell

A Modern bginfo solution – just a simple powershell script

Hey, I’ve been looking around for a bginfo solution. I tried the original one from sysinternal tools
but it always changes the background to “tile”, I don’t know why..
There are hotfixes out there but I don’t want a hotfix. I want a “real solution”
So I found this page.
So started with that, then I’ve worked further with it and now
it’s finally working as I want and the result is this:

So first, Download this script.
Then just run the script either as a scheduled task or login script in GPO. No bginfo.exe is needed or anything extra.
If you want to change the information on the background, open the bginfo.ps1
then go to the
“#Writing info to the background” part, and then change what information that you want to use 🙂

And if you want to change the Background to be stretch instead of fit, you change this part, change the -style to stretch.

Another thing that is great is, if you want to force a background also, you change this part active, just take away the #
So that’s it


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