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Hardware - switch Dell N1500 stacking

How to stack N1500 series switches

Article summary: This article explains how to stack N1500 series switches.

To stack N1500 switches together, do the following.
  1. Update each switch to the latest firmware using the instruction included in the zip file. The firmware may be found on support.dell.com
  2. Configure ports to be used for stacking. It is recommended to use at least two ports on each switch to allow a ring topology connection.
    Input these commands to set a port to stack mode, this example uses two 10-GigabitEthernet ports for stacking.




    console(config-stack)#stack-port tengigabitethernet 1/0/1 stack

    console(config-stack)#stack-port tengigabitethernet 1/0/2 stack


    console#copy running-configuration startup-configuration

    Note: You must reboot the switch for ports to transition into stacking mode.

    Note: You may stack only on the 10-Gigabit

  3. Power off the switches. Connect the stacking ports in a ring topology.
  4. Power on the desired master switch first and wait until you can access it. Afterwards power on the next switch one at a time until every switch is powered on. They will add themselves to the stack.
    Note: The Master and Operation Standby switches keep the startup-configuration of the stack. You can only access the console port from the Master.

    Note: The N1500 series switches support up to 4 units in a stack.

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